Is this progressing?

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Is this progressing?

Post by jaredh »

or did it die on us?
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Re: Is this progressing?

Post by deadsmurf »

I assume things came up for Kor - let him take his time :)
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Re: Is this progressing?

Post by Kor »

Sorry about the long delay in noticing this message, and in providing a general update. December was a very hectic month for me, and I had actually hoped to get some further decisions and work done on this project in December.

I'm getting through some other backlog now and should be able to redirect more attention to how to proceed on this.

I definitely want to get tagging done, but I want to try to get it done correctly, right from the start.

Before I can put attention back to tags though, my next big endeavor will be to get the Best of 2022 awards up and going before the end of January.

Thank you for still being encouraged to continue with the tagging project. I should have some solid decisions made and direction by mid-February, but most likely sooner.
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