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Plastic Finn's "for trade/sale" list

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My list of miniatures for trade/sale. Will try to keep it up-to-date. Updated: June 2023
Sorry in advance, for you non-DDM(skirmish game)-players, for having DDM stat card names being the priority for each miniature (sometimes different to the miniature's printed name) or its epic release name mentioned after the original one. This list was initially created with them in mind. And you're welcome, DDM players. ;)

BG means board game, in this case one of the D&D board games, Wrath of Ashardalon and the like.

I'm located in Finland and ready to sell or trade anywhere in the world, mostly sending (by the method of your choice) after receiving payment/trade, unless I know you in advance. I have a long history of trading/buying/selling around the world (with/from/to people that include members of this forum) and will pack your-miniatures-to-be well.

My haves:

Several Heroscape D&D miniatures
Icingdeath, Gargantuan White Dragon (G, Legend of Drizzt)
Gargantuan Blue Dragon (G, Icons)
D&D Icons Gargantuan Orcus, Prince of Undeath (G, Icons)
Colossal Red Dragon (C, Icons) [barring a mind-blowing trade offer, I prefer selling]

Aasimar Favored Soul (m, Aberrations)
Aasimar Fighter (m, War of the Dragon Queen)
Aboleth Slime Mage (L, Dangerous Delves)
Abyssal Maw (m, Dragoneye)
Abyssal Skulker (s, Angelfire)
Air Genasi Swashbuckler (m, Blood War) AK PAINT
Alissa, Human Ranger (m, DC Heart of Cormyr, Orphan Swords)
Ambush Drake (m, Deathknell)
Almiraj (s, Fangs and Talons)
Alusair Obarskyr (m, Aberrations/PHH)
Ancient Iron Golem (L, Monster Menagerie 2)
Angel of Valor (m, Dungeons of Dread)
Angel of Valor Legionnaire (m, Savage Encounters)
Animated Statue (m, Desert of Desolation)
Ankheg (L, Underdark)
Anvil of Thunder (m, Aberrations)
Arbalester (m, Dangerous Delves)
Arcadian Avenger (m, Night Below)
Arcadian Hippogriff (L, Blood War)
Arcanaloth (m, Monster Menagerie 3)
Arcane Portal (m, Lords of Madness)
Arcanix Guard (m, War Drums)
Arjhan, Dragonborn Fighter (m, BG, Orphan Swords) AK PAINT
Artemis Entreri (m, Underdark) AK paint
Aspect of Bahamut (H, War of the Dragon Queen)
Aspect of Kord (L, Underdark)
Aspect of Lolth (L, Archfiends)
Aspect of Nerull (L, Deathknell)
Aspect of Vecna (m, Dangerous Delves)
Astral Giant (L, Lords of Madness)
Atropal (H, Boneyard)
Aurak Draconian (m, Legendary Evils)
Axe Soldier (m, War Drums)
Azer Fighter (m, War of the Dragon Queen)
Azer Raider (m, Harbinger)
Azer Smith (m, Storm King's Thunder)

Babau (m, Night Below)
Babau - AVERNUS [spear] (m, Descent into Avernus)
Balor (L, Underdark)
Bandit (m, Storm King's Thunder)
Barbed Devil (m, Angelfire)
Barghest (m, Harbinger)
Barghest Savager (m, Legendary Evils)
Bariaur Ranger (m, Aberrations)
Basilisk (m, Giants of Legend)
Bearded Devil - ELITE (m, Monster Menagerie 3)
Behir (H, Giants of Legend)
Beholder Eye Tyrant (L, Dangerous Delves/Beholder Collector's Set)
Beholder Lich (L, Unhallowed)
Beholder Ultimate Tyrant (H, Legendary Evils)
Berbalang (m, Dangerous Delves)
Black Abishai (Mordenkainen presents Monsters of the Multiverse)
Black Dragon (m, Dragoneye/Basic Game)
Black Slaad (L, Savage Encounters)
Blackguard on Nightmare (L, War of the Dragon Queen)
Blackroot Treant (H, Against the Giants)
Blackscale Lizardfolk (L, Angelfire)
Blackspawn Exterminator (m, War of the Dragon Queen)
Blade Spider (L, Desert of Desolation)
Bladebearer Hobgoblin [Epic Bladebearer] (m, Aberrations)
Bladeling Fighter (m, Giants of Legend)
Blazing Skeleton (m, Against the Giants)
Blood Ghost Berserker (m, War Drums)
Blood of Vol Cultist (m, Blood War)
Blood of Vol Divinity Seeker (m, Unhallowed)
Blood of Vol Fanatic (m, Desert of Desolation)
Blood Scarab (m, Dangerous Delves)
Bloodhulk Fighter (m, Deathknell)
Bloodseeker Drake (m, Dangerous Delves)
Bloodspike Behemoth (L, Savage Encounters)
Blue (s, Giants of Legend)
Blue Slaad (L, Giants of Legend)
Bluespawn Ambusher (m, Night Below)
Bluespawn Godslayer (H, War of the Dragon Queen)
Bluespawn Stormlizard (L, Blood War)
Bodak Skulk (m, Savage Encounters)
Bodytaker Plant (H, Van Richten's Guide to Ravenloft)
Bolraza, Priestess of Bane (m, Legendary Evils)
Bonded Fire Summoner (m, War of the Dragon Queen/PHH)
Bone Naga (L, Unhallowed)
Boneshard Skeleton (m, Desert of Desolation)
Brain in a Jar (s, Lords of Madness)
Brass Golem (L, Night Below)
Brass Samurai (m, War Drums)
Bruenor Battlehammer (m, Desert of Desolation)
Bugbear Headreaver (m, Dungeons of Dread)
Bugbear Warrior (m, Demonweb)
Bulette (L, Dungeons of Dread)
Bullywug Guard (m, Savage Encounters)
Bullywug Thug (m, Deathknell)
Burning Skeleton (m, Deathknell)

Captain of the Watch (m, Against the Giants)
Caravan Guard (m, Angelfire)
Carnage Demon (m, Night Below)
Carrion Tribe Barbarian (m, Aberrations)
Catfolk (m, Archfiends)
Catti-Brie, Human Archer (m, BG, Orphan Swords) AK PAINT
Cazi Alphelandra (s, Storm King's Thunder)
Celestial Black Bear (m, Aberrations)
Celestial Dire Badger (m, Deathknell)
Centaur Lancer (L, Monster Menagerie)
Chakuna (m, Van Richten's Guide to Ravenloft)
Champion of Eilistraee (m, Archfiends)
Champion of Yondalla (s, Deathknell)
Changeling Rogue (m, Unhallowed)
Chasme (L, Blood War)
Chasme, Gyno (L, Rage of Demons)
Chillborn (m, Dungeons of Dread)
Chitine (s, Dragoneye)
Choker (m, Aberrations)
City Guard (m, Giants of Legend)
Classic Ogre Mage (L, D&D Classic Creatures)
Classic Purple Worm (H, D&D Classic Creatures) NO BASE! Stands and looks fine, though.
Classic Troll (L, D&D Classic Creatures)
Clawborn Scorrow (L, Night Below)
Clawfoot Rider (m, War of the Dragon Queen)
Cleric of Moradin (m, Dragoneye)
Cleric of St. Cuthbert (m, Aberrations/PHH)
Cleric of Syreth (m, War of the Dragon Queen)
Cloaker Ambusher (L, Lords of Madness)
Cloaktrick Rogue (m, Against the Giants)
Cloudreaver (m, War of the Dragon Queen)
Cockatrice (m, Against the Giants)
Coldsnap, Ruin of Frostkeel [Young White Dragon] (L, Dragon Collector's Set)
Combat Medic (m, War Drums) PROMO
Corruption Corpse (m, Demonweb)
Crag Ungart (m, Storm King's Thunder)
Crownwing (L, Lords of Madness)
Crucian (m, Giants of Legend)
Cultist of the Dragon (m, Archfiends)
Cursed Spirit [Banshee] (m, Archfiends)

Dark Creeper (s, Underdark)
Dark Moon Monk (m, Archfiends)
Dark Talon Champion (m, Unhallowed)
Darkmantle Piercer (s, Storm King's Thunder)
Death Dog (m, Monster Menagerie 3)
Death Knight (m, Deathknell/Dungeons of Dread)
Deathcap (m, Demonweb)
Deathgrasp Sarcophagus (m, Demonweb)
Deathlock (m, Deathknell)
Deathrattle Viper (m, Savage Encounters)
Degenerate Cultist of Orcus (m, Against the Giants)
Dekanter Goblin (s, Aberrations)
Delver Sergeant (m, Night Below)
Demonweb Swarm (m, Desert of Desolation)
Destrachan (L, Aberrations)
Devourer (L, Unhallowed)
Digester (m, Night Below)
Dire Ape (L, Dragoneye)
Dire Bear Mauler (L, Demonweb)
Dire Lion (L, Dragoneye)
Dire Rat (s, Giants of Legend)
Dire Tiger (L, Night Below)
Disciple of Kyuss (m, DC Curse of Undeath, Gruumsh +6)
Diseased Dire Rat (m, War of the Dragon Queen)
Dispater, Iron Duke of Hell (m, Lords of Madness)
Displacer Beast Manhunter (L, Unhallowed)
Djinn Stormsword (L, Legendary Evils)
Dolgrim (s, Deathknell)
Doom Fist Monk (m, War of the Dragon Queen)
Doomdreamer (m, Legendary Evils)
Doomguard (m, Blood War)
Dracolich (H, War of the Dragon Queen)
Draconian Mastermind (m, Fizban's Treasury of Dragons)
Draegloth (L, Underdark)
Draegloth Favored One (L, Demonweb)
Dragonblade Ninja (m, Deathknell)
Dragonborn Defender (m, Against the Giants)
Dragonborn Fighter (m, War of the Dragon Queen/PHH)
Dragonborn Myrmidon (m, Against the Giants)
Dragonmark Heir of Deneith (m, Blood War)
Dread Warrior (m, War of the Dragon Queen)
Dread Warrior (m, Elemental Evil)
Dretch (s, Dragoneye)
Drider (L, Desert of Desolation)
Drizzt, Drow Ranger (m, Legend of Drizzt)
Drow Arachnomancer [Arachnomancer] (m, Underdark)
Drow Arachnomancer (m, Mordenkainen presents Monsters of the Multiverse)
Drow Arcane Guard (m, Underdark)
Drow Archer (m, Harbinger)
Drow Archmage (m, Rage of Demons)
Drow Assassin (m, Demonweb)
Drow Blademaster (m, Desert of Desolation)
Drow Demonbinder (m, Demonweb)
Drow Rogue (m, Giants of Legend)
Drow Spiderguard (m, Dungeons of Dread)
Drow Wand Mage (m, Dungeons of Dread)
Drow Warrior (m, Dragoneye)
Drow Web Mage (m, DC Sting of Lolth)
Druid of the Deep Forest (m, Player's Handbook Heroes)
Duergar Guard (m, Legendary Evils)
Duergar Mind Master (m, Rime of the Frostmaiden)
Duergar Slaver (m, Unhallowed)
Dwarf Artificer (m, Deathknell)
Dwarf Axefighter (m, Harbinger)
Dwarf Barbarian (m, Dragoneye)
Dwarf Battlerager (m, Unhallowed)
Dwarf Brawler (m, Desert of Desolation)
Dwarf Mercenary (m, Angelfire)
Dwarf Paladin of Moradin (m, Player's Handbook Heroes)
Dwarf Phalanx Soldier (m, Deathknell)
Dwarf Raider (m, Angelfire)
Dwarf Samurai (m, Deathknell)
Dwarf Sergeant (m, Giants of Legend)
Dwarf Sneak (m, Player's Handbook Heroes)
Dwarf Sniper (m, Blood War)
Dwarf Wizard (m, Angelfire)
Dwarfbred Griffon (L, Elemental Evil)
Dwarven Defender (m, Dragoneye)

Earth Archon Rumbler (m, Legendary Evils)
Earth Element Gargoyle (m, Blood War)
Efreet Fireblade (L, Lords of Madness)
Elder Black Pudding (H, Boneyard)
Elder White Dragon (H, Against the Giants) AK REPAINT
Elf Ambassador (m, Monster Menagerie 2)
Elf Archer (m, Harbinger/Dungeons of Dread)
Elf Dragonkith (m, Blood War)
Elf Warlock (m, Dungeons of Dread starter)
Elf Warrior (m, Aberrations)
Emerald Orb Wizard (m, Dungeons of Dread)
Erinyes (m, Archfiends)
Erinyes Highguard (m, Monster Menagerie)
Eternal Blade (m, Desert of Desolation)
Ettin Jack-of-Irons (L, Dungeons of Dread)
Ettin Spirit-Talker (L, Demonweb)
Exarch of Tyranny (m, Night Below)

Faerie Dragon (s, Monster Menagerie)
Falaster Fisk (m, Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage)
Fallen Comrade (m, Savage Encounters)
Fallen Warlord (m, Heroscape [Phantom Knights], Feymire) AK BASED for DDM
Farmer (m, Desert of Desolation)
Fettered Dracolich (L, Lords of Madness)
Feygrove Choker (m, Dangerous Delves)
Fiendish Snake (m, Blood War)
Fire Elemental (L, Fangs and Talons)
Fire Giant Skeleton (H, Fangs and Talons)
Fire Giant Slaver (H, Storm King's Thunder)
Fire Mephit (m, Unhallowed)
Fist of Moradin (m, Against the Giants)
Flameskull (s, War Drums)
Fleecemane Lion (L, Mythic Odysseys of Theros)
Flesh Golem (L, Aberrations)
Fomorian Painbringer (H, Lords of Madness)
Forest Troll (m, Deathknell)
Formian Warrior (m, Aberrations)
Foulspawn Hulk (L, Legendary Evils)
Frenzied Berserker (m, Aberrations/PHH)
Frost Dwarf (m, War Drums)
Frost Giant (L, Giants of Legend/Dangerous Delves)
Frost Giant - SWORD (H, Monster Menagerie 3)
Frost Giant Everlasting One (H, Monster Menagerie 3)
Frostrager Barbarian (m, Heroscape, Feymire)

Galeb Duhr (m, Against the Giants)
Gargoyle (m, Dragoneye/Basic Game 06)
Gauth (m, Archfiends) AK PAINT
Gazer (s, Monster Menagerie 3)
Gelatinous Cube (L, Desert of Desolation)
Gelatinous Cube, Electric (L, Monster Menagerie)
Ghaele of Winter (m, Dangerous Delves)
Ghast (m, Giants of Legend)
Ghost (m, Monster Menagerie)
Ghost Dancer (m, Van Richten's Guide to Ravenloft)
Ghostly Consort (m, Angelfire)
Ghoul (m, Harbinger)
Giant Centipede (m, Dungeons of Dread)
Giant Frog (m, Deathknell)
Girallon Alpha (L, Tomb of Annihilation)
Githyanki Dragon Knight (L, Blood War)
Githyanki Fighter (m, Archfiends)
Githzerai (m, Archfiends)
Githzerai Cenobite (m, Legendary Evils)
Githzerai Mindmage (m, Legendary Evils)
Githzerai Monk (m, Underdark)
Glabrezu (H, Giants of Legend)
Gnaw Demon (s, Against the Giants)
Gnoll (m, Aberrations)
Gnoll Huntmaster (m, Dangerous Delves)
Gnoll Marauder (m, Dungeons of Dread)
Gnome Ceremorph (s, Rime of the Frostmaiden)
Goblin Hucker (L, Monster Menagerie 3)
Goblin Sharpshooter (s, Dangerous Delves)
Goblin Skullcleaver (s, Savage Encounters)
Goblin Wolf Rider (m, Savage Encounters)
Gold Dragon (m, Deathknell)
Gold Dwarf Guard (m, Elemental Evil)
Gold Dwarf Soldier (m, Underdark)
Golden Protector (L, War of the Dragon Queen)
Golden Wyvern Initiate (m, Against the Giants)
Goliath Stoneblade (m, Player's Handbook Heroes)
Gravehound (m, Archfiends)
Gravetouched Ghoul (m, Unhallowed)
Gray Slaad (m, Savage Encounters)
Graycloak Ranger (m, Archfiends)
Graypeak Goblin Archer (s, Unhallowed)
Graz'zt (m, Savage Encounters)
Greater Barghest (L, Night Below)
Greater Basilisk (L, Night Below)
Green Slaad (L, Blood War)
Greenfang Druid (m, Deathknell)
Greenspawn Razorfiend (L, War of the Dragon Queen)
Greenspawn Sneak (s, Blood War)
Greenvise Vine (L, Savage Encounters)
Greyhawk City Militia Sergeant (m, Night Below)
Griffon Cavalry (L, War of the Dragon Queen)
Grim Necromancer (m, Deathknell)
Grimlock Barbarian (m, Underdark)
Grimlock Minion (m, Dangerous Delves)
Guard Drake (m, Demonweb)
Guardian Mummy (m, Desert of Desolation)
Guardian Wraith (m, Tyranny of Dragons)
Guenhwyvar (m, Underdark)
Gulgar (L, War Drums)
Gynosphinx (L, Monster Menagerie 2)

Half-Ogre Barbarian (L, Underdark)
Half-Orc Executioner (m, Underdark)
Half-Orc Fighter (m, Harbinger)
Half-Orc Spy (m, Blood War)
Halfling Archer (s, Demonweb)
Halfling Brawler (s, Unhallowed)
Halfling Cleric of Melora (s, Player's Handbook Heroes)
Halfling Enchanter (s, Desert of Desolation)
Halfling Ranger (s, Archfiends)
Halfling Slinger (s, War Drums)
Halfling Sneak (s, Underdark)
Halfling Wizard (s, Archfiends)
Harmonium Guard (m, Blood War)
Harpy (m, Dragoneye)
Helena Nostrum (m, Storm King's Thuder)
Hell Hound (m, Harbinger)
Hellraider Hippogriff (L, Monster Menagerie 2)
Hero of Valhalla (m, Blood War)
Hierophant of the 7th Wind (m, Night Below)
Hill Dwarf Warrior (m, Aberrations)
Hill Giant Barbarian (L, War Drums)
Hoard Scarab Larva Swarm (m, Legendary Evils)
Hobgoblin Guard (m, Against the Giants)
Hobgoblin Impaler (m, Angelfire)
Hobgoblin Warcaster (m, Demonweb)
Homunculus (t, Storm King's Thunder)
Horde Zombie (m, War Drums)
Horned Devil (L, Blood War)
Hound Archon (m, Harbinger)
Howler (L, Blood War)
Howling Hag (m, Dungeons of Dread)
Huge Fiendish Spider (H, War of the Dragon Queen) PROMO (dark red)
Human Bandit (Harbinger/Demonweb)
Human Bard - LUTE (Monster Menagerie 3)
Human Cleric (m, Monster Menagerie 2)
Human Commoner (m, Harbinger)
Human Executioner (m, Harbinger)
Human Fighter [Lord] (m, Dungeons of Dread)
Human Marauder (m, Lords of Madness)
Human Outrider (L, Savage Encounters)
Human Paladin (m, Tyranny of Dragons)
Human Rabble (m, Legendary Evils)
Human Sellsword (m, Dungeons of Dread starter)
Human Town Guard (m, Lords of Madness)
Human Wanderer (m, Harbinger)
Hunting Cougar (m, War Drums)
Hyena (m, Harbinger)

Illydia Maethellyn (m, Monster Menagerie)
Infernal Hell Hound (m, Storm King's Thunder)
Inspired Shock Trooper (m, Unhallowed)
Inspiring Marshal (m, Giants of Legend)
Intellect Devourer (s, Unhallowed)
Iron Cobra (m, Aberrations)
Iron Defender [Mire Hound] (m, Dungeons of Dread)
Iron Golem (L, Underdark)
Iron Golem Juggernaut (H, Lords of Madness)

Jarad, Golgari Guilmaster (m, Guildmaster's Guide to Ravnica)
Jarhild Stoneforge (m, Monster Menagerie)
Jousimie, Woodland Scout (m, Icons of the Realms starter)
Justice Archon (m, Angelfire)
Juvenile Kraken (H, Boneyard)

Kalliroth, Githyanki Pirate (m, Lords of Madness)
Kapak Draconian (m, Dragoneye)
Karrnathi Zombie (m, War Drums)
Kenku Sniper (m, Storm King's Thunder)
Kenku Warrior (m, Lords of Madness)
Kenku Wingman (m, Storm King's Thunder)
Khumat (L, War Drums)
Killer Whale (H, Rime of the Frostmaiden)
King Hekaton (H, Storm King's Thunder)
Kleef Kenric (m, Storm King's Thunder)
Kobold Champion [Epic Kobold Champion] (s, Aberrations)
Kobold Miner (s, Underdark) 1
Kobold Slinger (m, Lords of Madness)
Kobold Trapmaker (s, Night Below)
Kolyarut (m, Blood War)
Kraken Priest [labeled Tridrone] (m, Monster Menagerie 3)
Kruthik Adult (m, Demonweb)
Kruthik Young (s, Dangerous Delves)
Kuo-Toa - MANCATCHER (m, Monster Menagerie 3)

Larethar Gulgrin (m, Monster Menagerie)
Large Air Elemental (L, Angelfire)
Large Astral Construct (L, Unhallowed)
Large Black Dragon (L, Unhallowed)
Large Brass Dragon (L, Unhallowed)
Large Chaos Beast (L, Night Below)
Large Duergar (L, War Drums)
Large Fire Elemental (L, Desert of Desolation)
Large Green Dragon (L, War of the Dragon Queen)
Large Monstrous Spider (L, Dragoneye)
Large Red Dragon (L, Dragoneye)
Legion Devil Legionnaire (m, Savage Encounters)
Lemure (s, Giants of Legend)
Lidda, Halfling Rogue (s, Harbinger)
Living Flaming Sphere (m, Blood War)
Lolth's Sting (m, Underdark)
Longstrider Ranger (m, Angelfire)
Lurking Wraith (m, Against the Giants)
Lyrandar Skyfire Captain (m, Unhallowed)

Mad Maggie (m, Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus)
Mad Slasher (m, Aberrations)
Magma Hurler (m, War of the Dragon Queen)
Man-at-arms (m, Harbinger/Aberrations)
Mantrap (L, Tomb of Annihilation)
Medium Air Elemental (m, Dragoneye)
Medium Copper Dragon (m, Blood War)
Medium Earth Elemental (m, Archfiends)
Medium Water Elemental (m, Dragoneye)
Mercenary General (m, Desert of Desolation)
Mercenary Sergeant (m, Underdark)
Merchant Guard (m, Desert of Desolation)
Mezzodemon (m, Demonweb)
Mezzoloth (m, Blood War)
Mezzoloth (m, Monster Menagerie 3)
Mina, Dark Cleric (m, Angelfire)
Mind Flayer Lich (m, Night Below)
Mind Flayer Telepath (m, Archfiends)
Mindwitness (m, Boneyard)
Minotaur (L, Giants of Legend)
Minotaur Battle Shaman (m, Dangerous Delves)
Minotaur Thug (m, Legendary Evils)
Minotaur Warrior (m, Demonweb)
Mongrelfolk (m, Aberrations)
Monitor Lizard (m, Underdark)
Mountain Giant Shaman (H, Storm King's Thunder/MM3)
Mountai Goat (m, Rime of the Frostmaiden)
Mounted Drow Patrol (L, Underdark)
Mounted Paladin (L, Angelfire)
Mummy (m, Harbinger)

Nalfeshnee Tyrant (H, Lords of Madness)
Nameless One (m, Monster Menagerie 3)
Nanny Pu'pu (m, Tomb of Annihilation)
Nentyar Hunter (m, Underdark)
Neogi Slaver (m, Lords of Madness)
Norker (m, Savage Encounters)
Nycaloth (L, Tomb of Annihilation)

Ochre Jelly (m, Against the Giants)
Ogre Pulverizer (L, Demonweb)
Oni Night Haunter (L, Lords of Madness)
Ophidian (m, Angelfire)
Orc Banebreak Rider (L, Night Below)
Orc Eye of Gruumsh (m, Dangerous Delves)
Orc Mauler (m, War Drums)
Orc Raider (m, Archfiends/Dungeons of Dread)
Orc Siege Boss (m, Monster Menagerie 2)
Orc Siegehammer (m, Monster Menagerie 2)
Orc Skeleton (m, Underdark)
Orc Strongbow (m, Lords of Madness)
Orc Wardrummer (m, War Drums)
Orc Warrior (m, Harbinger)
Orc Wizard (m, Blood War)
Orog Orc Fighter (m, Tyranny of Dragons)
Orog Warlord (m, Angelfire)
Otto (L, Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage)
Owlbear Rager (L, Blood War)
Oyaminartok, the Goliath Werebear (L, Rime of the Frostmaiden)

Pack Mule (m, Fangs and Talons)
Phalanx Soldier (m, Unhallowed)
Phase Spider (L, Monster Menagerie)
Phaseweb Spider (L, Demonweb)
Phoelarch (m, Angelfire)
Pit Fiend (L, Blood War)
Plaguechanged Ghoul (m, Against the Giants)
Planetar (L, Monster Menagerie 2)
Prisoner (m, Night Below)
Protectar (m, Giants of Legend)
Pseudodragon Familiar (t, Elemental Evil)
Psychic Sentinel (L, Legendary Evils)
Pterafolk (L, Tomb of Annihilation)
Purple Worm (H, War of the Dragon Queen)
Pyrowyvern (L, Tyranny of Dragons)

Qualinesti Defender (m, Player's Handbook Heroes)
Quetzalcoatlus (H, Mordenkainen presents Monsters of the Multiverse)

Ragnara, Ethereal Hunter (m, Heroscape [Phantom Knights], Feymire) AK BASED for DDM
Rakshasa Assassin (m, Demonweb)
Rashemi Witch (m, Player's Handbook Heroes)
Rask, Half-Orc Chainfighter (m, Deathknell)
Ravenous Ghoul (m, Desert of Desolation)
Ravenous Vampire (m, Deathknell)
Razorclaw Ranger (m, Player's Handbook Heroes)
Red Dracolich (L, Rage of Demons)
Red Hand War Sorcerer (m, Blood War)
Red Wyrmling (m, Giants of Legend)
Regdar, Human Fighter (m, Dragoneye)
Renegade Warlock (m, Deathknell)
Rikka, Angelic Avenger (m, Underdark)
Rime Hound (H, Lords of Madness)
Roc (H, Lords of Madness)
Rogue Leader (s, Monster Menagerie 2)
Rot Grub Swarm [RGS-88] (m, Lords of Madness)
Rot Harbinger (m, Lords of Madness)
Rot Scarab Swarm (m, Desert of Desolation)
Royal Guard (m, Underdark)
Runecarved Eidolon (L, Dungeons of Dread)
Runespiral Demon (s, Demonweb)
Ryld Argith (m, Aberrations)

Sahuagin Ranger (m, Aberrations)
Shadar-Kai Stalker (m, Heroscape, Feymire) AK BASED for DDM
Shadar-Kai Warrior (m, Lords of Madness)
Shadow (m, Night Below)
Shadow Demon (m, Dungeons of Dread)
Shadow Flayer (m, Demonweb)
Shadow Mastiff (m, Desert of Desolation)
Shadowbane Inquisitor (m, Night Below)
Shadowdancer [Master Shadowdancer] (m, Blood War)
Shardmind Dominator (m, Lords of Madness)
Shardstorm Vortex (m, Savage Encounters)
Sharn Cutthroat (m, Aberrations)
Sharn Redcloak (m, Demonweb)
Shieldwall Soldier (m, War Drums)
Shifter Rogue [#3] (m, Eberron: Rising from the Last War)
Skeletal Archer (m, Angelfire)
Skeletal Courser (L, Night Below)
Skeletal Equiceph (L, Underdark)
Skeletal Legionnaire (m, War Drums)
Skeletal Reaper (m, Blood War)
Skeletal Tiefling (m, Savage Encounters)
Skeleton (m, Harbinger/Lords of Madness)
Skittering Horror (H, Boneyard)
Skull Lord (m, Demonweb)
Skullreaver Wight (m, Storm King's Thunder)
Slaad Spawn (s, Legendary Evils)
Slayer of Domiel (m, Underdark)
Small Fire Elemental (s, War of the Dragon Queen)
Snig the Axe (s, Archfiends)
Snig, Worg Rider (L, War Drums)
Snow Goblin (s, Rime of the Frostmaiden)
Snowy Owlbear (L, Rime of the Frostmaiden)
Solamith (L, Demonweb)
Solar Angel (L, Elemental Evil)
Soldier of Cormyr (m, Archfiends)
Soldier of Thrane (m, Deathknell)
Sorrowsworn Reaper (m, Savage Encounters)
Soulknife Infiltrator (m, Blood War)
Soulrider Devil (m, Demonweb)
Spawn of Kyuss (m, Boneyard)
Specter (m, Savage Encounters)
Spectral Panther (m, Dungeons of Dread)
Spectre, Barovian (m, Monster Menagerie)
Spell Weaver (m, Lords of Madness)
Spellstitched Hobgoblin Zombie (m, Deathknell)
Spider of Lolth (m, Underdark)
Spiderbound Drow Warrior (m, Demonweb)
Spiker Champion (m, Angelfire)
Spined Devil (m, Desert of Desolation)
Spiretop Drake (s, Demonweb)
Sprite Stinger (t, Storm King's Thunder)
Sprite Swashbuckler (t, Storm King's Thunder)
Stalwart Paladin (m, Dragoneye)
Stone Giant Dreamwalker (H, Monster Menagerie 3)
Stone Giant Runecarver (L, Unhallowed)
Storm Archer (m, War of the Dragon Queen)
Storm Giant Quintessent (H, Monster Menagerie III)
Storm Titan (H, Legendary Evils)
Stormclaw Scorpion (m, Lords of Madness)
Stormrage Shambler (L, Unhallowed)
Succubus Enchanter (m, Monster Menagerie)
Svirfneblin Fighter (s, Tyranny of Dragons)
Svirfneblin Rogue (s, Elemental Evil)
Swarm of Spiders (L, Underdark)
Sword Archon (L, Angelfire)
Sword of Glory (m, Giants of Legend)
Swordwing (m, Lords of Madness)

Talenta Halfling (s, Angelfire)
Talenta Nomad (s, Player's Handbook Heroes)
Talon Slaad (L, Legendary Evils)
Tanarukk (m, Giants of Legend)
Tarak, Half-Orc Rogue (m, BG, Orphan Swords)
The Abbott (m, Curse of Strahd: Covens & Covenants)
Thri-Kreen Mantis Warrior (m, Lords of Madness)
Thunderblast Cyclone (H, Against the Giants)
Thundertusk Cavalry (L, Blood War)
Tiefling Battlemaster (m, Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage)
Tiefling Blademaster (m, War Drums)
Tiefling Captain (m, Harbinger)
Tiefling Female Sorcerer (m, Premium Figures 1)
Tiefling Male Sorcerer (m, Premium Figures 1)
Tiefling Necromancer (m, Savage Encounters)
Tiefling Warlock (m, Unhallowed/Dungeons of Dread)
Trained Carrion Crawler (L, Night Below)
Trapped Chest (s, Lords of Madness)
Treant (H, Giants of Legend)
Trihorn Behemoth (H, Lords of Madness)
Troglodyte Barbarian (m, Underdark)
Troglodyte Brute (m, Demonweb)
Troglodyte Curse Chanter (m, Demonweb)
Twig Blight (s, War of the Dragon Queen)
Tyrannosaurus Rex (H, Fangs and Talons)

Ulitharid (L, Monster Menagerie 3)
Ultroloth (m, Unhallowed)
Unbound Balor (H, Legendary Evils)
Undying Soldier (m, Deathknell)
Unicorn (L, Dangerous Delves)

Valiant Cavalry (L, Night Below)
Valorous Prince (m, Deathknell)
Vampire (m, Monster Menagerie)
Vampire Guildmaster (m, Savage Encounters)
Vampire Spawn (m, Deathknell/Dungeons of Dread)
Vasara, Dwarf Paladin (m, Icons of the Realms starter)
Verdant Reaver (L, Night Below)
Village Priest (m, Angelfire)
Visceral Devourer (m, Against the Giants)
Vlaakith the Lich Queen (m, Blood War)

Wand Expert (m, Angelfire)
War Ape (m, War of the Dragon Queen)
War Devil (L, Dangerous Delves)
War Troll (L, War Drums/Legendary Evils)
Warcleave Skeleton (m, DC Curse of Undeath)
Warden of the Wood (m, War of the Dragon Queen)
Warforged Battle Champion (m, Demonweb)
Warforged Bodyguard (m, War Drums)
Warforged Fighter (m, Giants of Legend)
Warforged Infiltrator (m, Dungeons of Dread)
Warforged Juggernaut (m, Heroscape, Feymire)
Warforged Wizard (m, Deathknell)
Warhorse (L, Desert of Desolation)
Warlock Knight of Vaasa (m, Player's Handbook Heroes)
Warpriest of Vandria (m, Night Below)
Warrior Skeleton (m, Archfiends)
Warrior Wight (m, Dungeons of Dread)
Weretiger (L, Angelfire)
Werewolf Lord (L, Unhallowed)
Whirling Steel Monk (m, Deathknell)
Whitespawn Hordeling (s, War of the Dragon Queen)
Wight (m, Harbinger)
Wight Barrowlord (m, Elemental Evil)
Wild Elf Raider (m, Angelfire)
Wild Elf Warsinger (m, Unhallowed)
Wild Mage (m, Night Below)
Will O'Wisp (m, Lords of Madness)
Wind Drake (m, Guildmasters' Guide to Ravnica)
Windfiend Fury (L, Savage Encounters)
Windmaster Mage (m, Player's Handbook Heroes)
Witchknife (m, War of the Dragon Queen)
Wizard of Turmish (m, Unhallowed)
Wizard Tactician (m, Underdark)
Wizened Elder Watcher (m, War of the Dragon Queen)
Wolf (m, Harbinger)
Wolf Skeleton (m, Harbinger)
Wood Elf Ranger (m, War Drums)
Wood Woad (m, Deathknell)
Wrackspawn (m, Angelfire)
Wraith (m, Harbinger)
Wulfgar (m, Night Below/Legend of Drizzt)
Wyvern (L, Aberrations/Dungeons of Dread)

Xeph Soulknife (m, Giants of Legend)
Xeph Warrior (m, Angelfire)
Xill (m, Archfiends)
Xorn (m, Underdark)
Xorn Ravager (m, Against the Giants)

Yeenoghu (L, Lords of Madness)
Young Amethyst Dragon (H, Fizban's Treasury of Dragons)
Young Gold Dragon (L, Dangerous Delves)
Young Master (m, Giants of Legend)
Young Silver Dragon (L, Dungeons of Dread)
Yuan-Ti Champion of Zehir (L, Desert of Desolation)
Yuan-Ti Fangblade (m, Dangerous Delves)
Yuan-Ti Halfblood Sorcerer (m, War of the Dragon Queen)
Yuan-Ti Malison (m, Desert of Desolation)
Yuan-Ti Pureblood (m, Archfiends)

Zakya Rakshasa (m, War Drums)
Zhent Cavalry (L, Lords of Madness)
Zhent Soldier (m, Lords of Madness)
Zhentarim Fighter (m, Archfiends)
Zombie (m, Harbinger/Giants of Legend)
Zombie Hulk (L, Savage Encounters)

I do have plenty of promos that I do not list here but am willing to sell/trade, including most of the D&DC ones and some GMR and other stuff. No holiday promos, sorry!

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Re: Plastic Finn's "for trade/sale" list

Post by gmanjoe »

Sent you a private message.
Please check. :)
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Re: Plastic Finn's "for trade/sale" list

Post by Plastic Finn »

Had a good selling experience with BenjaminR and wanted to leave a good word of him here. :)
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Re: Plastic Finn's "for trade/sale" list

Post by BenjaminR »

Plastic Finn wrote: Fri Nov 06, 2020 2:06 am Had a good selling experience with BenjaminR and wanted to leave a good word of him here. :)
...and likewise! It was a real pleasure :)
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Re: Plastic Finn's "for trade/sale" list

Post by TB55555 »

I sent you a message about a possible trade. Thank you.
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Re: Plastic Finn's "for trade/sale" list

Post by ThatGuyTim »

I sent you a message if you are still looking to trade.
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Re: Plastic Finn's "for trade/sale" list

Post by Plastic Finn »

Dated. See below for a refreshed list.
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Re: Plastic Finn's "for trade/sale" list

Post by Infernalslayer »

Hey Plastic Finn, i sent you a message for some miniatures from your collection.
Best regards
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Re: Plastic Finn's "for trade/sale" list

Post by bvelcoff »

Still looking for a Dragonborn of Bahamut? I have one for trading...
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Re: Plastic Finn's "for trade/sale" list

Post by Plastic Finn »

Update June 2023.

Wanted in trade:

Tanarukk (Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage)

Legion Chain Devil (Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus)

Cadaver Collector (Eberron: Rising from the Last War)
Shambling Mound (Eberron: Rising from the Last War)

Gas Spore (Fangs & Talons)
Green Slaad (Fangs & Talons)
Nightwalker (Fangs & Talons)

Lich (Boneyard)

Bullywug Royal (Snowbound)
Myconid Sovereign (Snowbound)
Ravisin (Snowbound)
Sea Hag (Snowbound)

Agdon Longscarf (The Wild Beyond the Witchlight)
Bavlorna Brightstraw (The Wild Beyond the Witchlight)
Bullywug Guard (The Wild Beyond the Witchlight)
Campestri (The Wild Beyond the Witchlight)
Cradlefall (The Wild Beyond the Witchlight)
Endelyn Moongrave (The Wild Beyond the Witchlight)
Floating Lily Pad (The Wild Beyond the Witchlight)
Giant Snail (The Wild Beyond the Witchlight)
Gullop the XIX (The Wild Beyond the Witchlight)
Iggwilv's Cauldron (Gold) (The Wild Beyond the Witchlight)
Jabberwock (The Wild Beyond the Witchlight)
Jingle Jangle (The Wild Beyond the Witchlight)
Ornithopter (The Wild Beyond the Witchlight)
Pincushion (The Wild Beyond the Witchlight)

Azalin Rex (Van Richten's Guide to Ravenloft)
Death Knight (Van Richten's Guide to Ravenloft)
Duchess D'Honaire (Van Richten's Guide to Ravenloft)
Dullahan (Van Richten's Guide to Ravenloft)
Gouged Eye Thug (Van Richten's Guide to Ravenloft)
Greater Star Spawn Emissary (Van Richten's Guide to Ravenloft)
Isolde (Van Richten's Guide to Ravenloft)
Lord Godefroy (Van Richten's Guide to Ravenloft)
Maharani Ramya Vasavadan (Van Richten's Guide to Ravenloft)
Necrichor (Van Richten's Guide to Ravenloft)
Nightmare (Van Richten's Guide to Ravenloft)
Split Skull Thug (Van Richten's Guide to Ravenloft) (Van Richten's Guide to Ravenloft)

Dragonbone Golem (Fizban's Treasury of Dragons)
Dragonnel (Fizban's Treasury of Dragons)
Hoard Mimic (Fizban's Treasury of Dragons)
Washtub Mimic (Fizban's Treasury of Dragons)

Blackguard (Mordenkainen presents monsters of the Multiverse)
Deep Scion (Mordenkainen presents monsters of the Multiverse)
Duergar Xarrorn (Mordenkainen presents monsters of the Multiverse)
Gauth (Mordenkainen presents monsters of the Multiverse)
Outhouse Mimic (Mordenkainen presents monsters of the Multiverse)
Star Spawn Larva Mage (Mordenkainen presents monsters of the Multiverse)
Yuan-Ti Mind Whisperer (Mordenkainen presents monsters of the Multiverse)
Yuan-Ti Pit Master (Mordenkainen presents monsters of the Multiverse)

Practically all of Spelljammer: Adventures in Space

Ankholox (Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen)
Baaz Draconian (Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen)
Becklin, Knight of Solamnia (Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen)
Behir (Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen)
Black Dragon Rider (Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen)
Black Robed Mage of High Sorcery - B (Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen)
Boilerdrak (Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen)
Bozak Draconian (Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen)
Brood Slaad (Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen)
Dalamar (Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen)
Darrett Highwater (Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen)
Dragon Army Ogre (Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen)
Istarian Drone (Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen)
Jeyev Uth Veldrews (Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen)
Leedara (Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen)
Lesser Death Dragon (Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen)
Merrow (Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen)
Purple Worm Eggs (Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen)
Raven Uth Vogler (Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen)
Sea Elf Leader (Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen)
Skeletal Knight Rider (Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen)
Treant Noble (Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen)
Wersten Kern (Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen)
Wraith (Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen)
Wersten Kern (Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen)
Young Black Dragon (Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen)

Most all of Sand & Stone rares plus many others
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Re: Plastic Finn's "for trade/sale" list

Post by ImperialCommanderShepard »

I purchased miniatures from Plastic Finn once and I'm going to make a second purchase very soon. I can 100% vouch for his reasonable miniature prices and honest shipping costs (he will always offer different options at different rates).

You can't go wrong with him, far cheaper than most Ebay/Amazon sellers.
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